Symposium «Amor Narratio: Celebrating Catherina Riessman's narrative scholarhip»

From 28 to 31 May, five participants of the project «Narrative perspectives on intergenerational transmission of memory» (finansed by the Latvian Science Council) visited London, Great Britain, where they took part in the symposium «Amor Narratio: A Symposium on Catherine Riessman’s narrative scholarship».

University of Greenwich

More information about the symposium can be found here.

The programme.

Collection of Abstracts (PDF).

Insight into the symposium. Discussions. From left: Edmunds Šūpulis, Maija Krūmiņa, Ginta Elksne, Kaspars Zellis
Maija Krūmiņa and Edmunds Šūpulis present Catherine K. Riessman with the album «Baltic Refugees in Gotland in the Photographs of David Holmert: 1944–1945»
Catherine K. Riessman