New project «Peoples' bridge between the U.S. and Latvia in culture and education»

The project will shed light on American-Latvian investment in culture, education, and science by supporting study exchange programs, establishing scholarships, sharing experiences, and contributing to methodological innovations. The project is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Latvia and United States Government Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund.

The 4th international oral history conference «Generation, Migration and Memory: Narrative and its Transformations», November 12-13, 2020

Oral history and life story researchers’ group in the UL Institute of Philosophy and Sociology held a conference to seek for new connections between the study of generations, migration and memory. Our aim was to break new ground by revealing the light that each one of our conceptual fields can throw upon the others.

In memoriam. Pēteris Jansons (November 5, 1922 - April 30, 2020)

Pēteris Jansons, the legendary man who carried refugee boats from the Latvian coast to Sweden at the end of the Second World War, has died in Gotland at the age of 98.

Symposium «Postmemory: memory in exile and exiled memory»

A meeting of Baltic and Nordic researchers took place at the Department of History of Stockholm University - a symposium in which researchers shared their findings about refugees, exiles and emigrants from Latvia in modern times, evaluating the process from the perspective of memory.

13th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe 2019: Baltic Solidarity

From June 25 to 29, four researchers of the project «Narrative perspectives on intergenerational transmission of memory» (finansed by the Latvian Science Council) participated in the 13th Baltic Studies Conference in Europe «Baltic Solidarity», which took place in Gdansk, Poland.

Symposium «Amor Narratio: Celebrating Catherina Riessman's narrative scholarhip»

From 28 to 31 May, five participants of the project «Narrative perspectives on intergenerational transmission of memory» (finansed by the Latvian Science Council) visited London, Great Britain, where they took part in the symposium «Amor Narratio: A Symposium on Catherine Riessman’s narrative scholarship».

Photo exhibition «Latvians in Sweden: 1944–1990, Photographer Fricis Forstmanis»

Fricis Forstmanis (1906–2004), better known as the poet and translator of poetry Fricis Dziesma, left Latvia in November 1944 in a refugee boat to go to Sweden. During his life, Forstmanis has been not only a poet, journalist, librarian and bookbinder, but also a talented photographer who has used his camera to document both Latvian exile activities in Sweden and create expressive portraits of his contemporaries. The exhibition shows a small but unique part of Fricis Forstmanis cultural-historical collection.